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New Building Canada Fund (NBCF) - Application Process

Applications are invited for the New Building Canada Fund. The deadline for applications is October 31, 2014. Applicants should note that this is a separate application process from the recent call for applications for the 2015-16 Municipal Capital Works (MCW) Program. To view information on the various components of the New Building Canada Fund (NBCF) and the associated Business Case Guidelines/project eligibility criteria, applicants are directed to the links below. The NBCF has very specific eligibility criteria and requires a business case to be prepared for certain programs. Please review these documents carefully before deciding on proposed projects.

These links are also available via the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment website at

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment will be utilizing the Provincial Government's online system MSIS (Municipal Support Information System), which has been developed for the submission of applications and project status reports. Applicants can access the application website at To obtain access to the online application site, Municipalities and Local Service Districts require a USER ID and PASSWORD. Any user who has not obtained a USER ID and PASSWORD are asked to contact the Municipal Affairs System Administrator Eileen Cahill — or 1-709-729-5846.

MSIS does not currently have the NBCF as a program selection option, in the Add Application screen. For this intake of NBCF applications, applicants are requested to complete the following steps:

  • Under Program select Multi Year Capital Works
  • Under Year select 2014-2017
  • Under the Project Information section, indicate in the Project Title that this application is for consideration under the New Building Canada Fund (NBCF). Applicants also need to indicate under which component of the NBCF they wish to have the application considered. The individual components and eligibility criteria are outlined in the links indicated above. For Example; after Project Title indicate -NBCF, Small Communities Fund

Applicants please note the following when considering applications;

  1. All applications that are on file from previous funding programs are no longer considered active and are being deleted from our databases.
  2. All applications must be entered through the MSIS System and only the applications submitted under this call for applications will be considered for funding under the NBCF.
  3. Applications submitted for MCW will not be considered for the NBCF. If you wish them considered for both, two separate applications are required.
  4. Municipalities, Inuit Community Governments or Local Service Districts should not re-enter an application for a project that has already been approved. However, new applications are required to be submitted for phases of proposed projects not yet funded.
  5. The human resources required to administer projects under a Federal/ Provincial Program is significant. In an effort to keep administrative costs within reason, and to ensure available funding is invested in the physical infrastructure, the Department will only consider applications for proposed projects under the Small Communities Fund (SCF) that have a minimum gross value of $500,000 inclusive of HST. Applicants should consider submitting applications for projects valued at less than $500,000 under the current call for MCW applications.
  6. The minimum project value for proposed projects under the Provincial/Territorial Infrastructure Component (PTIC) has been set at $2.0M, inclusive of HST, as agreed to by both the federal and provincial governments.
  7. Project eligibility criteria for street Improvements under the SCF require the roadway to have a traffic volume of at least 3,000 vehicles per day.
  8. Project eligibility criteria for street Improvements under PTIC require the roadway to have a traffic volume of at least 10,000 vehicles per day.

Applicants should only apply for projects which are affordable for their community as demonstrated by the completion of the Financial Evaluation forms available on the department's website:

The following items must be submitted in addition to the online application by the October 31, 2014 deadline. These items can be uploaded using the Documents section of the online application.

  • Completed Financial Evaluation Form
  • Completed Business Case Document (where required)
  • Resolution of Local Government authorizing the Application
  • Project Cost Estimates
  • Drawing indicating location and scope of the proposed project
  • Documentation to support project eligibility requirements

Questions regarding the application process can be directed to the appropriate Regional Engineer/Office listed below:

Inayat Rehman, P. Eng

Regional Engineer, Eastern Regional Office
Tel: (709) 729-5337
Fax: (709) 729-0477

Chris Power, P. Eng

Regional Engineer, Western Regional Office
Tel: (709) 637-2491
Fax: (709) 637-2548

Ehsan Khan, P. Eng

Regional Engineer, Labrador Regional Office
Tel: (709) 896-2942
Fax: (709) 896-8847

Wilf Maloney, P. Eng

Regional Engineer, Central Regional Office
Tel: (709) 256-1055
Fax: (709) 256-1060

Colleen Johnson

Canada/Newfoundland Infrastructure Programs
Tel: (709) 729-5411

Dan Michielsen
Assistant Deputy Minister
Municipal Infrastructure and Support Branch

cc: Regional Directors
cc: Regional Managers
cc: Regional Engineers

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