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New Building Canada Fund (NBCF) - Information Circular

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment will soon be soliciting applications for the New Building Canada Fund. In anticipation of the official call for applications, listed below are links for Communities/Consultants to view information on the various program components of the New Building Canada Fund (NBCF) and the associated Business Case Guidelines/project eligibility criteria. The NBCF has very specific eligibility criteria and requires a business case to be prepared for certain programs. Please review these documents carefully before deciding on proposed projects.


These links are also available via the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment website at

A separate Circular outlining the application process will be forwarded shortly.

Questions regarding the application process can be directed to the appropriate Regional Engineer/Office listed below:

Inayat Rehman, P. Eng

Regional Engineer, Eastern Regional Office
Tel: (709) 729-5337
Fax: (709) 729-0477

Chris Power, P. Eng

Regional Engineer, Western Regional Office
Tel: (709) 637-2491
Fax: (709) 637-2548

Ehsan Khan, P. Eng

Regional Engineer, Labrador Regional Office
Tel: (709) 896-2942
Fax: (709) 896-8847

Wilf Maloney, P. Eng

Regional Engineer, Central Regional Office
Tel: (709) 256-1055
Fax: (709) 256-1060

Colleen Johnson

Canada/Newfoundland Infrastructure Programs
Tel: (709) 729-5411

Dan Michielsen
Assistant Deputy Minister
Municipal Infrastructure and Support Branch

cc: Regional Engineers
cc: Regional Managers
cc: Regional Directors

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