Municipal Affairs and Environment


The Engineering Division is responsible for providing professional engineering, administrative and technical support services to facilitate the provision of sustainable, suitable and affordable municipal infrastructure in a manner that will result in greater autonomy for communities.

Specifically, the Engineering Section is responsible for:

  • Developing and coordinating policies relating to the funding and provision of water and sewer, roads and other municipal infrastructure projects,
  • Developing and advising on policy and providing direction for all local and regional engineering projects,
  • Reviewing tender documents and approving contract awards for large scale infrastructure projects,
  • Providing assistance and advice to incorporated communities relating to water and sewer infrastructure,
  • Developing and maintaining standardized specifications for water/sewer and road projects,
  • Operating and maintaining industrial water supply systems owned by the Department,
  • Administering the Limits of Service Agreements between the Department and municipalities delineating the areas in each municipality eligible for cost shared funding for water and sewer services,
  • Administering the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process whereby disputes between contractors and municipalities in relation to the Department's cost shared projects can be resolved without referral to the legal system, and
  • Administering various federal/provincial funding arrangements for the installation of municipal infrastructure.

Engineering Section Contact Information

Kim Kieley

Director, Municipal Infrastructure & Waste Management
Municipal Infrastructure and Support
Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment
Tel: (709) 729-7482
Fax: (709) 729-0477

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