Municipal Affairs and Environment

Fees for Environmental Assessment

Under the Environmental Protection Act SNL2002 cE-14.2 the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment has the authority to set fees for the environmental assessment process.

These fees are effective May 1, 2016.

Fees apply to private and public sector proponents. Non-profit organizations are exempt.

All proponents are subject to a registration fee of $400 (plus HST) due upon submission of the registration document. HST applies for private sector proponents.

Undertakings Greater Than $5 Million

Undertakings with an estimated capital cost greater than $5 million as determined by the Director of Environmental Assessment* are subject to the following:

Fixed Fees

Fee Due
Environmental Preview Report (EPR) $10,000 +HST Two instalments: $5,000 prior to the issuance of EPR guidelines by the Minister and $5,000 on submission of the EPR
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) $30,000 +HST Two installments: $15,000 prior to the issuance of EIS guidelines by the Minster and $15,000 on submission of the EIS
Substantial revision to EIS $6,000 +HST On submission
Component Study $6,000 +HST On submission
Environmental Protection Plan $6,000 +HST On submission
Environmental Effects Monitoring Program $6,000 +HST On submission

Incremental Fees

Incremental fees will be set according to a budget prepared by the Director* in consultation with the proponent, and will include:

  • Above normal costs for an environmental assessment including:
    • site visits and other travel by members of an Environmental Assessment Committee,
    • consultant advice where required expertise is not available within Government,
    • hiring of staff dedicated to the environmental assessment of a specific project, and
    • environmental surveillance over and above monthly inspection;
  • Costs of an Environmental Assessment Board established under the Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Protection Act SNL2002 Chapter E-14.2
  • Province’s share of costs associated with a joint federal-provincial panel review.


Make cheque or money order payable to the Newfoundland Exchequer.

Fees or proof of payment (e.g. cashier’s receipt from Department of Finance) shall be submitted to the Environmental Assessment Division.

Non Payment

In case of non-payment of fees, the environmental assessment of an undertaking will not proceed nor will environmental assessment documents be considered to be accepted.

*See full policy below for further information

Policy Directive – Environmental Assessment Fees for Large Undertakings PDF Icon (97 KB)

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