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North Atlantic Refining Limited (NARL)

The North Atlantic Oil Refinery at Come By Chance is a hydrocracking refinery with a design capacity of 105,000 barrels per stream day of crude feed. Products of the refinery are primarily transportation and heating fuels such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, distillate fuel oil, residual fuel oil and propane. Major emission sources are the process heaters, sulphur incinerator stack, and product storage tanks. The process heaters are primarily fueled with residual oil and supplemented with gas. Significant pollution control equipment at the refinery includes: a two-stage Claus sulphur recovery unit with a capacity of 200 tonnes per day, for capture of sulphur in process gas streams; an effluent treatment plant for continuous treatment of process water, and; floating roofs on storage tanks in volatile service to control emission of volatile organic compounds. Combustion emissions from the process heaters are uncontrolled. Process water usage averages approximately 700,000 imperial gallons per day. Combined storm water and process water flows average approximately 1,250,000 imperial gallons per day.

North Atlantic Oil Refinery

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Transshipment Facility

Whiffen Head

The Newfoundland Transshipment Terminal located at Whiffen Head in Arnold's Cove began operation in 1998. The expansion has occurred. There are six tanks in operation, each of which has a capacity of almost 80,000,000 Litres. It currently serves as a transshipment terminal for crude oil being recovered from sites on the Grand Banks including Hibernia and, more recently, Terra Nova.

Environmental concerns primarily relate to the possibilities of oil spills and the discharge of contaminated water. The facility has a system in place to capture the oil from a major spill such as might be caused by the failure of a tank. Surface drainage waters are checked for the presence of oil before being discharged. Should oil be present it can be removed in various ways including through an on-site "state of the art" oil water treatment facility.

Whiffen Head

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