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Certificates of Approval

The Waste Management Section develops and administers Certificates of Approval for the management of various types of waste materials. Below is a list of all active Certificates of Approval with the most recently issued approvals at the top.

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Approval # Proponent Issued Date Expiry Location Approval Type
Approval # Proponent Issued Date Expiry Location Approval Type
WMS-14-08-004 (1.89MB) AWAL Holdings Inc. 22-Jan-19 22-Jan-23 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-17-12-001 Central Regional Service Board 01-Dec-17 31-Dec-22 Norris Arm North Landfill, HHW depot & C & D site
WMS-17-12-004 Central Regional Service Board 01-Dec-17 31-Dec-23 7 Locations 7-Transfer Stations (solid Waste)
WMS17-12-005 Town of St. Brendan's 01-Dec-17 31-Dec-23 St. Bredan's Waste Recovery Facility
WMS17-12-006 Town of Change Islands 01-Dec-17 31-Dec-23 Change Islands Waste Recovery Facility
WMS08-03-003 Clean Harbors Canada Inc. 18-Mar-15 18-Mar-19 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-16-03-002 Country Ribbon Inc. 29-Apr-16 30-Apr-18 St. John's Wastewater treatment
WMS-15-10-011 Disposal Services Limited 01-Nov-15 01-Nov-20 Pasadena Wastewater Treatment and Septic Storage
WMS-2014-02-002 Robin Hood Bay - City of St. John's 28-Feb-14 28-Feb-19 St. John's Regional Landfill
WMS07-06-014 Belfor Property Restoration 12-Jun-17 12-Jun-21 Province Wide Special Waste Transporter
WMS15-09-009 Envirobate Inc. 02-Dec-16 02-Dec-19 province wide Asbestos Transporter
WMS07-02-004 (renewal) Harold Marcus Limited 25-Apr-17 25-Apr-21 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-10-03-002 Iron Ore Company of Canada 14-Jul-15 31-Jul-18 Labrador City- Private Soil Treatment Facility
WMS14-11-005 JMV Environment Inc. 21-Nov-14 21-Nov-18 province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS07-08-020 Marine Contractors Inc. 01-Apr-17 31-Mar-20 Stephenville Soil Treatment Facility
WMS09-05-004 Midland Transport 25-May-16 25-May-18 province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS12-03-010 Naskapi Heavy Machinery LP 15-Jun-16 15-Jun-18 Labrador region WDG/HW Transporter
WMS09-09-009 Newco Metals & Auto Recycling Limited 20-Jun-16 20-Jun-18 Province Wide Metal Crushing
WMS-14-06-001 Newfoundland Aqua Services Ltd. 01-Jul-17 01-Jul-20 St. Alban's Waste Management – Net Washing
WMS-16-05-003 Newfoundland Soiltec Inc. 01-May-16 31-May-19 St. John's & Corner Brook Soil Treatment Facility
WMS-15-10- 013 Pardy's - Dewatering Technologies Ltd. 01-Nov-15 01-Nov-20 St. John's Sewage/SludgeWastewater Treatment & Composting
WMS-15-10-012 Pardy's Waste Management and Industrial Services Ltd. 01-Nov-15 01-Nov-20 province wide Collection and Transportation Oily & Sewage Liquid Waste
WMS13-010-005 Pardy's Waste Management Industrial Services Limited 28-Sep-17 28-Sep-22 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-13-08-004 Rayan Investments Ltd. / Neighbourhood Recycling 02-Mar-17 02-Mar-19 Province Wide Metal Crushing
WMS06-09-015 (4.82MB) RESLP- Terrapure 28-Feb-19 28-Feb-24 province wide Transferstations and Transportation of Waste Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Waste and Non-hazardous treatment of drilling muds
WMS-12-06-12 Revolution Environmental Solutions LP (Terrapure) 28-Sep-16 30-Sep-19 Province Wide Wastewater Treatment
WMS-15-07-007 Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. 19-Oct-17 31-Oct-22 Happy Valley-Goose Bay Soil Treatment Facility
WMS09-04-003 (5.71 MB) Seaboard Transport 20-Apr-18 20-Apr-23 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS07-01-002 Services Sanitaires de Recyclage Experts Inc. ( SSRE ) 16-Feb-17 16-Feb-19 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS14-06-002 Solva-Rec Env. 29-Aug-14 Aug 29-2018 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS10-10-19 Stericycle ULC 14-Sep-17 14-Sep-22 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS08-10-016 Trans2D Logistics Inc. 23-Nov-16 23-Nov-18 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-15-09-008 Transport F. Gilbert 11-Sep-15 11-Sep-19 Province wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS06-12-021 Transport Rollex Ltee 21-Dec-16 21-Dec-18 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS07-05-006 Transport TFI 4 S.E.C. (Kingsway Vrac) 16-Aug-17 17-Aug-22 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-15-12-014 Universal Environmental Services Inc, 14-Dec-15 31-Dec-20 Sunnyside Soil Treatment Facility
WMS 10-07-010 Universal Environmental Services Inc. 30-Sep-16 30-Sep-20 St. John's Soil Treatment Facility
WMS 10-07-011 Universal Environmental Services Inc. 30-Sep-16 30-Sep-20 Corner Brook Soil Treatment Facility
WMS 10-07-012 Universal Environmental Services Inc. 30-Sep-16 30-Sep-20 Happy Valley- Goose Bay Soil Treatment Facility
WMS 10-07-013 Universal Environmental Services Inc. 30-Sep-16 30-Sep-20 Bishop Falls Soil Treatment Facility
WMS10-12-021 (208KB) Veolia ES Canada Services Industriels Inc 28-Feb-19 28-Feb-23 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-16-009-009 Western Trading 23-Sep-16 23-Sep-18 Province wide C/T of oily and sewage liquid waste
WMS17-04-001 Marine Contractors Inc. 20-Apr-17 20-Apr-21 Province Wide Asbestos transporter
WMS08-10-015 Laidlaw Carriers Bulk GP Inc. 21-Apr-17 21-Apr-21 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS07-09-023 Capital Crane Limited 31-Mar-18 31-Jul-22 Province Wide C/T of liquid waste & mobile O/W treatment
WMS17-011-002 BDW Roofing Inc. 30-Nov-17 30-Nov-20 Province Wide Asbestos transporter
WMS11-10-007 Daniels Sharpsmart Canada Limited 12-Dec-17 12-Dec-22 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS17-12-001 Enviro Green Septic Plumbing Ltd 03-Jan-18 03-Jan-20 Stephenville Septage treatment
WMS-15-10-10 Dewatering Technologies 01-Nov-15 01-Nov-20 Mount Pearl Waste Water Treatment
WMS-07-07-017 Envirosystems Inc 01-April-18 31-Mar-23 St. John's Collection of liquid waste (provincewide), oily water system,  treament of non hazardous drilling muds, and transfer and interm storage of water products from off shore vessels
WMS-18-04-001 (3.2 MB) Revolution Environmental Solutions LP (Terrapure) 20-April-18 20-April-21 Province Wide Collection and transportation of asbestos
WMS09-06-005 (220KB) Envirosystems Inc. NL division June 12, 2018 June 12, 2023 Province Wide Transportation of Waste Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Waste
WMS18-06-001 (328KB) Extension letter (23 KB) Newco Metal and Auto Recycling June 7, 2018 May 31, 2019 (extension issued in January 17 2019) St. John's Construct a metal shredder
WMS15-10-010 and WMS15-10-011 (71 KB) Pardy's Dewatering Technologies and Pardy's disposal Services Ltd. July 12, 2018 December 31, 2018 Mount Pearl Approval for the separation of spent drilling fluids/muds
WMS16-05-003 (513 KB) Newfoundland Soiltec Inc. July 12, 2018 July 12, 2021 St. John's Approval for the treatment of petroleum contaminated soil
WMS18-07-001 (480 KB) Universal Environmental Services Incorporated July 13, 2018 July 13, 2021 Wabush Approval for the treatment of petroleum  contaminated soil
WMS-13-06-002 (25 KB) Canadian Auto Recycling/Auto Parts Network September 13, 2018 January 15, 2019 Mount Pearl Extension of their approval
WMS-11-07-005 (36 KB) NLL Recycling Limited September 26, 2018 January 15, 2019 St. John's Extension to their approval
WMS-11-05-001 (30 KB) NLL Recycling Limited September 26, 2018 January 15, 2019 St. John's Extension to their approval
WMS-09-09-009 (36 KB) Newco Metal and Auto Recycling September 13, 2018 January 15, 2019 St. John's Extension to their approval

Any enquiries concerning the Certificate of Approval process can be forwarded to the Waste Management Section.

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