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Regulatory Closure Review Submission Process and Fees

The Department regulates the clean-up of impacted sites.  As part of the process, the Impacted Sites Management Section completes reviews of environmental site assessment, risk assessment, remedial action/risk management plans, and monitoring reports for impacted sites.  Once satisfied that the Management of Impacted Sites process has been followed and the impacts have been satisfactorily addressed, the ISMS reviews and signs off on the Record of Site Condition completed by a registered Site Professional.  This serves as acknowledgment of regulatory closure from the Department of impacts at a property. 

As of May 1, 2015, there are fees for regulatory closure reviews.

Table 2: Tier II/III Regulatory Closure Fee Structure

Property Land Use Residential Commercial Industrial
Fee $500.00 + HST $1,500.00 + HST $3,000.00 + HST


  1. Definitions of each land use as per Atlantic Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) User Guidance (Version 3), July 2012 (revised Jan 2015).
  2. Agricultural land use, when encountered, is to follow commercial fee structure.
  3. Only one property per request.
  4. Fee is non-refundable, and is charged whether or not regulatory closure is obtained.
  5. These fees do not apply to Tier I reviews being completed by GSC-SNL.

Payment of the applicable standard fee is to accompany any submission of a Record of Site Condition.  Proof of payment is required in the form of cheque, scanned copy of cheque, or receipt from Central Cashier's Office.  Payment can be made to the Department (by cheque) or through the Central Cashier's Office by calling (709) 729-3042.  Please quote account name MPA-Impacted Sites.  Please make cheques payable to NL Exchequer.

The Central Cashier's Office accepts payment in person by cash, debit, Mastercard or Visa.  Payment can also be made to the Central Cashier's Office by mail (money order or cheque).  Please ensure a receipt is obtained for proof of payment to the Department.

For payment to the Department, please mail cheque to:

Attn: Christa Curnew
Regulatory Closure Review
Pollution Prevention Division
Department of Municipal Affairs & Environment
4th Floor West Block, Confederation Building
St. John's, NL A1B 4J6

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