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Maintenance Assurance Manual (MAM)

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment (MAE) in conjunction with the Department of Environment and Conservation (ENVC) have developed templates to assist municipalities and Locals Service Districts with developing a Maintenance Assurance Manual (MAM) for drinking water and wastewater systems.

For those communities that have not already done so, a MAM will serve as a tool in assisting communities with the day to day operations of their water and/or sewer systems to ensure they meet regulatory requirements and conditions of their “Permit to Operate” such systems. It will also provide a standardized set of forms which will be consistently used by communities throughout the province and will allow for an easier transfer of information and knowledge of system performance when system operators change.

Based on a pilot project completed by the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment, the estimated cost for developing a Maintenance Assurance Manuel for most small to mid-size communities is $5,000 - $10,000. Cost may vary depending on the size and/or complexity of the system. Communities may apply under the Department’s Municipal Infrastructure or Special Assistance programs for funding assistance at their established cost sharing ratio. Those communities eligible for Gas Tax funding may also contact the Gas Tax Secretariat for consideration under that program.

As communities are issued a new “Permit to Operate” or renew their “Permit to Operate” the water and wastewater systems through ENVC, the development of a MAM will become a condition of the permit.

Copies of the template to develop a Maintenance Assurance Manual can be found below, or the full package can be downloaded in zip format (2 MB).

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Drinking Water Systems Maintenance Assurance Manual

Wastewater Maintenance Assurance Manual

Please contact your Regional Office for assistance.

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