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Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) - How PSAB Works

PSAB uses a "task force" approach for developing its standards and other guidance. Task force members represent individuals having particular expertise in the topic. They have the responsibility of making recommendations to PSAB for approval. Staff is responsible for ensuring that the task force and PSAB members are provided with the necessary background information and alternatives necessary for approving the final standards and other guidance.

PSAB follows an extensive "due process" to ensure that all views and issues are raised and considered by the task force and the PSAB.

Developing standards and guidance typically follows a five step process:

  1. Basic research of the issues
  2. Approval of a project proposal
  3. A statement of principles
  4. A public exposure draft
  5. Final Handbook material

Both the statement of principles and the exposure draft are made available on PSAB's web site (see How to get in touch with PSAB). Publicly exposing these documents allows anyone interested opportunity to provide comments and raise issues that, in turn, will be considered by PSAB.

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