Municipal Affairs and Environment

Special Assistance Fund

The Special Assistance Fund provides financial aid to support municipalities and related organizations for: emergencies related to health and/or of a life safety nature; assistance to municipalities experiencing financial difficulties; general assistance to municipalities beyond the municipal budgetary process and special projects or initiatives involving municipalities, local service district committees or other entities.

The department will acknowledge a Special Assistance Grant Application in writing, within five business days of receipt.

Review of Special Assistance Grant applications may require a number of professional or technical assessments such as:

  • an engineering assessment; and/or
  • a feasibility study; and/or
  • a financial review.
As such, the decision process can be lengthy. Applicants should anticipate a minimum of two months from the time of application to receiving a decision. Complex requests may take up to six months for a decision.

Applicants will be notified of decisions in writing.

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